Ani Zur

1979 was born in Kiev (Ukraine)
2008 graduated from Moscow State University of Culture and Art (Russia)

2015, 2016, 2017 School of Performance in frames of Days of Performance in Lviv (Ukraine)

Co-founder and member of Live_Art_Lab Group (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Performances, actions:
— “Floating Borders” (with Oleksiy Maryasov) (Berlin, Germany)
— «Floating Borders» (with Oleksiy Maryasov) (Kyiv, Ukraine)
— «Mova Kalynova (viburnum language)» (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
— «Floating Borders» (with Alexander Kurpa) (in frames of Fakelogy project and residency in Chernivtsi, Ukraine)
— «Floating Borders» (with Oleksiy Maryasov) (Warsaw, Poland)
— “Untitled” in frames of the Night of Performance (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
— “Temporary Structure” in frames of Creature Live Art Festival (Kaunas, Lithuania)
— «Floating Borders» (with Oleksiy Maryasov) (Amsterdam, Netherland)
— “Dressing” (with Volodymyr Umanenko) (Kyiv, Ukraine)

— “Collection of Evidence” (Kyiv, Ukraine)
— “Show me your limits” (PinchukArtCentre, Kyiv, Ukraine)
— “My place” in frames of THE UKRAINIAN CROSS-SECTION (Wroclaw, Poland)
— “Amnesia” in frame of Non Stop Media VIII 2016 (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
— “A hole” in frame of Days of Performance Art (Lviv, Ukraine)
— “The absence of evidence” (Odessa, Ukraine)
— “Nobody speaks in the executioner`s house” (Chernivtsi, Ukraine)

— “Instytutska Street” (Kyiv, Ukraine)
— “Enough” (Moscow, Russia)
— “Belowground” (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
— “Connections” (during the workshop in School of Performance in Lviv, Ukraine)
— “Take off me” (in frames of the Festival of Contemporary Art GOGOLFEST, Kyiv, Ukraine)
— “Ego Cogito” (Kyiv, Ukraine)
— “My place” (as a part of the exhibition “Limits of Existence”, Kyiv, Ukraine)

Selected personal exhibitions (photography, video):
— “Limits of Existence” (photography, video, performance), Dream Museum (Kyiv, Ukraine)
— “Fertility” (photography, performance) Kharkov City Art Gallery (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
— “Fertility” (photography), NT-Art Gallery (Odesa, Ukraine)
— “Fertility” (photography), Dzyga Gallery (Lviv, Ukraine)
— «The Observed» («Transient states»), Praktika Theatre Gallery (Moscow, Russia)

Selected group exhibition (photography, video):
— “Trust me” (video), “Convergence” project (in frames of the Festival of Contemporary Art GOGOLFEST, Kyiv, Ukraine)
— «Re-writing of childhood memories» (photography), Latvian Museum of Photography (Riga, Latvia)
— «Geology» (photography), Museum of Modern Art, ChernihivPhotoFest — 2010 (Chernihiv, Ukraine)
— INTRO (photography), Gallery «No exhibitions» (Moscow, Russia)
— «Ukrainian Photography 1989-2009», Month of Photography in Bratislava (Bratislava, Slovakia)
— «The seamy side» (with Anna Block), Chernihiv Photography Weeks (Chernihiv, Ukraine)

2015 Photographer of the Year 2014 (Ukraine) — the first places in the categories (professional): “Nude (for the “Practice of Natural Science” project), “Still life” (for the “Instytuts’ka street” project), “Animals (fauna) (for the “Escape from the Museum of Zoology” project)
2014 Photographer of the Year 2013 (Ukraine) — a Special prize from the and ASUS (for the projects “The form of existence”, “Inner questions”)

— VASA project, USA (“Fertility”)
— Phosmag, Italy (“Practice of Natural Science”)
— (“Floating Borders”)
— Insidernews (“Mova Kalynova (viburnum language)”
— Fact.24, Poland (performance “My place”)
—, Ukraine (projects “Roots”, “Escape from the Museum of Zoology”, “Practice of Natural Science”; performances “Instytutska Street”, “Bellowgraund”, “Take off me”)
— Phosmag, Italy (“Roots”)
— Dodho Magazine, Spain (“Practice of Natural Science”)
— GUP Magazine, The Netherlands ( “It’s not forever”)
— Dodho Magazine, Spain (“Limits of Existence”, “It’s not forever”, “Fertility”, “Escape from the Museum of Zoology“)
— Oitzarisme: Romanian on-line magazine on photography (“Fertility”, “It’s not forever”)
— F-Stop Magazine, USA (“Escape from the Museum of Zoology”, “Fertility”)
— Krayina magazine, Ukraine (interview, performance “Instytutska Street”, video “HVATIT”)
— Art Ukraine (interview, “Fertility” project, performance “Instytutska Street”, video “HVATIT”)
— Phosmag, Italy (“It’s not forever”, “Fertility”)
— VASA project, USA (performance “Instytutska Street”, video “The stone of Revolution”)